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HELLO 2020!

This year is going to be one for the books kids. New venues, new vendors, new members combined with local faves and high-fives from our amazing Women.

Membership details: Fees will be $50 for the year. Payable before you attend. Cash at the door of your first meeting or e-transfer to: set password to: WeLoveBeer.

Things to look for/members perks: Entry to the events – and spoiler alert a couple this year will be members only – no guests, fun fundraising – hellooo amazing swag from amazing members (so many talented Women in our club), and of course being part of the donating. We are a social club yes, but a social club with purpose. We donate to well-deserving causes in our community.

What next: Register, follow us on Facebook, and check yo emails.

Peace, Love, and Beers.