Welcome to our site. We are a members-only social club located in Vernon, BC enerting our 3rd year.

A group for woman, by woman, supporting woman. Read more here.


You can reach us at:


OR check us out on Instagram and Facebook: @ladieswhobeer


What you talking about:
A new members-only exclusive social club. We think women are powerful as fuck, we also think that sipping on great local beer (and ciders) is pretty awesome. So we are bringing the ideas together plus adding in our love of local and community. Meetup, try something new, be your cheeky self & support your community. Together we are a force of good.

Cool. But, like what happens at these:
We aim to foster relationships between women in the community – because you are all fucking cool and we love you – have a good time, and enjoy a cold one. We plan on choosing local non-profits to help support with beer sales, 50/50 proceeds, etc. We plan on creating a posse of cool chicks that high-five each other, let loose, talk shop, and make new friends. The group might also come together to do other sweet things in the community – cause we will be a do-good, fun-loving, unstoppable gang of woman. (Note, we mean gang in only the most neutral, fun way possible. Like, we might get t-shirts and wave at each other at the park with our kids).

Ok, but I don’t like beer:
It’s ok, no one is perfect. 😉 Our name is more of a toss to the more traditional “Ladies who Lunch” clubs BUT ours is at night and you don’t have to wear a fancy hat (unless you dig that) – a modern spin on a traditional idea. And, because we hold events at pubs we plan on drinking beers. But have no fear. Lots of fun drinks will be around for you too.

You swear a lot:
You bet your fucking ass we do. #sorrynotsorry

Can my husband come?
We are a ladies club – no gents allowed! Note, there is a cool group of dudes that meet up 4 times a year in this group: http://www.vernons100men.com/

Do I have to pay?
Totally. There is a yearly membership fee of $50/year.

How much money have you donated?
Over the passed 2 years we have donated closet to $4000.

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE: We are now taking e-transfers. Woot wooot. Please email us at ladieswhobeer@gmail.com for the details. Thanks!