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HELLO 2021!

As we put 2020 to bed and the pandemic and orders continue we have decided to shift the club and take a different approach for 2021.
Based on participation, state of the world, club growth and expected growing pains in general we are switching things up when it comes to some of the formalities of the club that need not follow us into the future. What does this mean?
* No more formal board
* No more society number (no fees to maintain this either)
* No more yearly membership
This does change how we will operate and of course, eliminating the yearly fee means no “pool” of money to pull from BUT it doesn’t change a few things:
– We are still a social club with members. Membership will now be a one-time amount of $25. You will get your button and be part of the club!
So if you are a past member then you remain a member. 🙂
We still hope and plan on doing events or meetups for members or the public BUT no more having to host 4 official events or an AGM. The money is used to cover any minimal costs, buttons, and fun giveaways to promote good causes. The benefit of being a member means connecting, being part of a club, and receiving perks when we can.
The social media accounts will stay alive! We will still be sharing local love, fave brews, highlighting cool things, drives, and good causes.
We have built something special! So this is not a negative transition. Over the years we have formed friendships and people have networked and the formalities of the club don’t lend themselves to the club surviving with the unknown future and the way we have been working as a club.
2020 members will receive an email with the final balance of the 2020 year financials and anymore details that will be relevant.
Thank you to everyone for making 2020 an amazing year for the club! We look forward to the new format for 2021 and how it unfolds/where it leads us in the future!

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