What you talking about:
A members-only exclusive social club. We meetup, try new things, be ourselves & support our community – and of course, have a good time! We recently changed the format and removed some of our formalities. Check our page and website for details. Together we are a force of good.

Cool. But, like what happens at these:
We aim to foster relationships between women in the community – because you are all fucking cool and we love you – have a good time, and enjoy a cold one. We plan on choosing local non-profits to help support with beer sales, 50/50 proceeds, etc. We plan on creating a posse of cool chicks that high-five each other, let loose, talk shop, and make new friends. The group might also come together to do other sweet things in the community – cause we will be a do-good, fun-loving, unstoppable gang of woman. (Note, we mean gang in only the most neutral, fun way possible. Like, we might get t-shirts and wave at each other at the park with our kids).

Ok, but I don’t like beer:
It’s ok, no one is perfect. 😉 Our name is more of a toss to the more traditional “Ladies who Lunch” clubs BUT ours is at night and you don’t have to wear a fancy hat (unless you dig that) – a modern spin on a traditional idea. And, because we hold events at pubs we plan on drinking beers. But have no fear. Lots of fun drinks will be around for you too.

You swear a lot:
You bet your fucking ass we do. #sorrynotsorry

Can my husband come?
We are a ladies club – no gents allowed! Note, there is a cool group of dudes that meet up 4 times a year in this group: http://www.vernons100men.com/

Do I have to pay?
Totally. There is membership fee of $25 for life. Yo.

How much money have you donated?
Over the past 3 years we have donated close to $5000.

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE: We are now taking e-transfers. Woot wooot. Please email us at ladieswhobeer@gmail.com for the details. Thanks!