Managing Members

This club would not run without everyone’s help. We have a few that put in extra hours helping our little group do great things, currently we have:

Treasurer / Kali Peebles
Let’s talk about money, baby. This spot doesn’t require an accountant – but it does require you to be organized and responsible. This person keeps our bank account up-to-date, signs cheques, and updates the google docs excel sheet with money in and out – that is all you. 

Community Reachout / Sarah Moorhouse & Stephanie Mundle
You have your ear to street and are hip to the beat. We need help coming up with cool ideas, local charities and local businesses to connect with. You are someone who thinks outside the box – maybe there is a rogue event? A person who could use our help? A new startup? You are responsible for bringing contacts and ideas. 

Registrar / Lynn Orsak
This spot is for someone who is organized, knows how to use google docs, and is keen on being the welcoming members at the door. This position is also key to our proper registration as a society – they want you to have one. Event Duties: We accept registrations from our online form, they can be exported to an excel sheet. As new members are added you will need to add them to the google doc. Also, as people show up to the meetings who are not registered you will want to direct them to the form. 

Social Media / Laura Sexsmith
You eat pretty pictures and hashtags for breakfast! This spot is great for someone who “gets it”. We need help with snapping shots at events, answering questions via Facebook, and tagging local businesses. Your duties at the event are to snap the shots and post the action live. You will have access to all the social media accounts and create full, relevant content. 🙂

Secretary / Jenna Boulianne
The secretary is responsible for doing, or making the necessary arrangements for, the following: (a)issuing notices of general meetings and directors’ meetings; (b)taking minutes of general meetings and directors’ meetings;(c)keeping the records of the Society in accordance with the Act;(d)conducting the correspondence of the Board; (e)filing the annual report of the Society and making any other filings with the registrar under the Act.

Vice-President / Melissa Yano (co-founder)
The vice-president is the vice-chair of the Board and is responsible for carrying out the duties of the president if the president is unable to act. PLUS, reaching out to vendors and charities to book them for our events.

President / Stacey Todd (co-founder)
The president is the chair of the Board and is responsible for supervising the other directors in the execution of their duties. Aiding the VIP in reaching out to vendors and charities to book them for our events. PLUS, leading the Director’s meetings.